World Asthma Day

Do you or a loved one have asthma? Have you ever struggled to breathe even when you’ve removed all asthma triggers? On Tuesday, May 7th, CSHP celebrated world asthma day by educating student pharmacists about the link between air quality and asthma. Bruno Martinez, Tina Vu, and Danielle Do presented materials about air quality index (AIQ), how to read and interpret the daily AIQ, and how different air pollutant particles can affect the lungs and trigger asthma attacks. Students also learned how to counsel asthmatic patients on what to do with air quality readings and how they should adjust their daily routines accordingly. For example, on “red” days, asthmatics should not exercise outdoors, but they can with caution on “yellow” days. This information can help asthmatics better prepare to avoid exacerbations and doctor visits, as well as give them another tool to take control of their health. Are you asthma aware?

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