Rutgers Talk

On September 20th, Dr. Anthony Costy visited WesternU and delivered a lecture about the Rutgers Fellowship. He spoke about opportunities that are available within the pharma industry and the different projects he is tasked with overseeing. Dr. Costy also mentioned different facets within the industry ranging from regulatory oversight to drug research and development which highlighted that there’s more to this branch of pharmacy than meets the eye. Being a recent graduate of KGI, he also went into detail about the application/interviewing process for this fellowship program. He explained that candidates for the Rutgers Fellowship must endure countless hours of interviewing during their weekend of selection but goes on to say that it has all been worth it in the end. As a Rutgers fellow, he has the chance to work with a multitude of companies including Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, and many more which will help him increase his skill set as a PharmD and advance his career. Overall, students were very interested and engaged as the opportunity to learn about pharma industry don’t come very often. Hopefully now, they have this branch of pharmacy within their radar as they consider future career endeavors. Rutgers will also be conducting a webinar on 10/17. If students are interested in learning more about updates in the pharma industry, they are encouraged to attend and listen in on the webinar.



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